What Is Karate


Literally, KARA means China; TE means hand(s). This was the Okinawan’s idea of naming the martial art called Karate. Due to the fact, that KARATE was formalized and developed by Okinawan’s knowledge learned from mainland China from the traditional Chinese Martial Arts masters and grandmasters of what we call now Kung-Fu. Japan eventually colonized Okinawa prefecture for hundred of years. Since 1609. Karate is a striking art using the hands in various hand positions, different kicking techniques which include knees. The elbow strikes, and various open-handed techniques such as knife-hands, spear hand, palm strikes and backfist, along with grappling, locks, restraining techniques, vital point strikes are taught in some styles along with throwing techniques.

Some of the earliest known name of Ryuku which refers to Okinawa meaning “glazed horn-dragon.” The name of Ryukyu is originally from the Chinese writings it was written in the Chinese history BOOK OF SUI in the year of 607. The influence of Chinese culture in the Okinawan Islands was dated back from the prehistoric period. So the actual ancestry of the Okinawan Islands was of Chinese descent and eventually emerged with the Japanese population.

A KARATE master named Gichin Funakoshi from Okinawa, who stylized his KARATE System into what we call today “Shotokan” (after Gichen’s pen name) was invited by the Japanese Ministry Physical Education to demonstrate Karate in Japan. This was the beginning of Karate history in Japan back in 1922 when Gichin Funakoshi did a demonstration in Tokyo. And later in 1924, Keio University established the first University Karate Club. Then the meaning of “what is Karate” was changed by Japanese to “Empty Hand” due to the growing Japanese Militarism. Karate was accepted in the schools system as part of Physical Education both self-protection and fitness.

Right after the war, the USArmed Forces began the interest in learning Karate from Okinawan Masters. This is how Okinawan Karate was spread to the West and around the world.

“To better understand the martial arts, you must understand the history

To understand the history, you must understand the culture

To understand the culture, you must understand the philosophy and philosophers.

To understand the philosophers, you must live it as one and apply it daily”

Honor, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Discipline, Patience, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit And A Way Of Life!

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With our fast-paced, moving society, stress, anxiety, and peer pressure are present everywhere. As a result, everyone, including children, needs to learn how to relax and develop their concentration ability. Benefits of Karate is one of the best solutions that can help kids and adults in coping with this fast changing environment.

Martial Arts comes in many forms. Each demands a high-level concentration to succeed. It gives each participant an excellent mental positive conditioning. It is why it has been believed that Martial Arts does not only provide benefits to adults but to kids as well. Kids will surely love its process of learning. Since it is based on an individual program, they will not be pressured of letting down anyone. Instead, it helps them progress at their skill level. Aside from the fun they experience during training, kids learn lessons not only in performing techniques but other things that are very useful as they face the real challenge in the real world.

Advantages of Kid’s Karate Training

Confidence – Being able to understand one’s own strength and weaknesses through the aid of KARATE helps in bringing out the confidence you need in facing life’s challenges.

Discipline – It allows kids to express their energy in a controlled manner. Students are taught in a safe organized and structured environment where their behavior is carefully watch.

Respect – Children are taught to respect parents, teachers, elders and all living things during the training process. It teaches students to develop healthy habits and good manners. Good psychological practices bring positive reinforcements.

Meditation – Stillness considered a great factor in clearing the mind and in bringing the energy into the center of the body. It relieves tension and stress. It also builds inner strength and self-understanding.

Relaxation – Breathing and warm-up exercises are essential components of martial arts training as the body needs to relax, focus, breathe and concentrate on the task at hand. It helps relieve stress and control emotions through proper breathing techniques.

Leadership – During training, children are given a chance and a challenge to lead others. It is an excellent way to build leaders which according to a philosophical belief each one is born to be a leader. Even by acting as real followers to their instructors, they are already making their way to becoming a leader.

These can only be attained when parents start making a leap in helping build their children’s future by engaging them in Karate classes. Tama Martial Arts Center – Miami Valley area covering Centerville, Miamisburg, Kettering, Oakwood, Springboro, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Bellbrook, Englewood, Huber Heights, and West Carrollton, Ohio is proud to share these advantages in building skills and instilling confidence in kid’s martial arts training. Learn more about it by visiting http://tamamartialarts.com/.

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