An excellent introduction to Karate – Taekwondo – both the Mighty Mite and Superkidz Karate Program from ages 4 years of age to 12. The Mighty Mite and Superkidz learn the foundation of basics of Karate/Taekwondo and build a solid foundation with the blueprint to success as martial artists. All of our Instructors in this program is very supportive caring and fun loving people. The martial arts physical techniques instill self-esteem and self-awareness couple with building the agility, fitness, strength, balance, dexterities and self-defense techniques. Soon you will see a great transformation and build good solid foundations on good positive habits


“Mighty Mites” – Kid’s Karate Class

The Mighty Mites – Kid’s Karate Class as we call it or Little Kickers are the youngest group of kids learning martial arts in this Miami Valley. Whereas, our martial schools focus on martial arts knowledge, martial arts ethics and life skills development other than games all the time. Building listening skills is one of many factors we achieve for the children. Building a solid curriculum assures the kids to be more confident.


“SuperKidz” – Older Kid’s Karate Classes

These age groups are always ready to refine their karate/taekwondo techniques; we call these Kids Big Kickers known as SuperKidz the older group kids. Our program emphasizes discipline, mind intent, effort, dedication, determination and achieving their immediate goals. As the children continue to train which builds upon their solid core foundation, they begin to show progress and execution of their karate/taekwondo kicking techniques their strikes, blocks and stances
Emphasizing a strong mind intent or focus mentally, is placed on self-control, increased self-discipline, and respect for others. The martial arts center exude the discipline, determination desire to have that perseverance to work toward their immediate goals.
Endurance and gross motor skills are challenged and increased through a series of dynamic karate activities. There are many times we focus on specific muscle groups with cross training and conditioning. The mission is to instill good behavior patterns, instill physical health, instill mental toughness and fitness through martial arts training as a way of life.

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