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Sport Karate Tournaments

Medieval Europeans made tournaments famous and also designed heraldry (layers of arms) simply to be able to tell the heavily armored competitors apart at a distance. Similar competitions in Japan are probably as old as the samurai culture itself. None of these very early affordable events were safe, and also, casualties prevailed among the participants.

Karate Tournaments-style competitors in the martial arts have possibly been going on since the pre-history of time; the old Greeks, as well as Romans, certainly appreciated it.

The sports of Kendo, as well as judo, were later on specifically established to remove several of the threats from such competitions. Unusually sufficient, tournament competition was instead late to create in the fine art of martial arts (and has never created in arts such as aikido). Japanese trainers were long of the viewpoint that karate was intrinsically also harmful as well as might not be ensured for friendly competitors. The very first well-known event of types is thought to have happened in 1949 in the old Japanese Royal city of Kyoto.

The first karate tournament event documented in the USA was the 1955 Arizona Martial Arts Championships, sponsored by Shuri-Ryu owner Robert Trias. It was held at the Butler Boys Club in Phoenix metro, and also, the competitors were composed largely of participants of the Arizona Highway Patrol. Trias had opened up the very first dojo in The U.S.A. in 1946, educating simply a couple of pupils, a lot of which were Highway Patrolmen. Six years later on, in 1961, the All-American Karate Champion was held at the Olympic Auditorium in L.a, funded by Hidetaka Nishiyama, simultaneous with his solution of the All-American Martial Arts Federation; individuals were mostly Shotokan stylists. The North American Martial Arts Championship was kept in 1962 at Madison Square Yard in New york city City. It certified as the initial really “open” tournament in the nation.

In 1963, Robert Trias, as well as John Keehan, held the initial World Karate Tournament at the College of Chicago Fieldhouse. This was the first “national” martial arts event and also the forerunner of many succeeding occasions. It enticed one of the most famous American karate competitors and also set the criterion for massive national-caliber competitions which proceed today. Trias renamed it the USKA Nationals in 1966 and raised it to the USKA Grand Nationals in 1968. In 1964, Trias presented an additional World Martial Arts Championship in Chicago. That same year two new competitions burst into the scene: Ed Parker’s International Karate Championships in Long Coastline, California, as well as Jhoon Rhee’s UNITED STATE National Karate Championships in Washington, D.C. Parker’s competition withheld an unforgettable presentation by a then-unknown Chinese stylist called Bruce Lee. By 1974, Parker’s tournament was attracting a record-setting 6,000 registered rivals. Also in 1964, Mahn Suh Park sponsored the first open competition in Philly, the World Tae Gyun Championships

The birth of Sports Karate Tournaments has been on USA soil since the early 60’s and now has become part of our mainstream lifestyle with children participating in many of these karate tournaments around the country and the globe as a  sporting event from ages four on up to adults to even over 55 years of age. Our karate competition team is NOT mandatory to our members. Only to those who wish to go beyond on their karate training. It is an incentive to be part of a growing karate sport in our country. It gives the students a different stage to exemplify their courage and their self-esteem.  It helps confront their fears when it comes to the karate competitions. It teaches them to be an all around athlete with what they love the most doing.

Does your child need to compete? It is NOT mandatory, and it is NOT important. Only those who wish to have their child gets involve in a different platform as an additional incentive in additional competitive sport karate tournament martial arts training. The children are also trained separately from the regular group kid’s karate classes for the karate competition team.

Anyone wishing to check out the tournaments in the area, go to http://www.mvta-karate.com/

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