Karate Private Lessons


Did you know through the research found, that a person can learn faster privately from 7 to 10 times quicker compared to that being with a group? The student does receive undivided attention from the instructor. It does not matter whether you are learning how to play guitar or taking martial arts lessons. The Karate private lessons can be beneficial to those who are very shy, introvert and less confidence in themselves.

We provide private lessons from the very beginning. The purpose of this ideas is to have our student be more relax instead of being nervous getting started. No one is to stare or look at you in the class. This is between you and the teacher. The private lesson is an introductory lesson that will help prepare your child for the group setting environment. Each time your child comes back for the introductory lessons, you will see a transformation from the very beginning of your kid’s Karate classes.

The benefits and the basics of effective one-on-one private lessons are:

1. Regularly Scheduled Appointment

2. Primary Focus on the individual student

3. Rarely Missed Class

4. Less Embarrassment Compared to Group

5. Lesson Plan Progressively Quicker

6. Learn Any Particular Subjects

7. Develop Better Rapport

8. Helps Instill Confidence A Lot Faster

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