Karate Instructors


Our Karate Instructors are well trained over the years by Grandmaster Taningco through martial arts teaching management program that he has developed since 1976. Each instructor is chosen to teach and lead the children karate program from their early training certification process prior to becoming a Black Belt at TAMA.

Each Karate Instructors Certification must complete their teaching training with both application, theories, management level and other technical know-how on the subjects of both curriculum and understanding children behavior to better serve the community at TAMA martial arts center. Helping the kids transform their life into a more positive attitude with confidence is our way of giving back to the families and communities. With our passion for teaching, the love and the patience with kid’s karate program, we have developed a better rapport system with children due to our many years of experience in teaching the martial arts.

“In March of 2004, I began my training in TAMA Ryu Kenpo JiuJitsu at the Taningco Academy of Martial Arts (TAMA) under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Manuel Taningco. For over 37 years, TAMA Martial Arts has had a proud tradition of providing excellent martial arts training while fostering a family atmosphere where children and adults can come together and build a life‐long love of the martial arts. It is due to this tradition and atmosphere that I instantly became passionate and immersed in everything that TAMA has to offer.

After receiving my Shodan (first-degree black belt) in 2006, I began spending much more time learning anything and everything from Grandmaster Taningco; studying everything from Tien Shan Pai Kung‐Fu to Muay Thai Kickboxing and everything in between that TAMA has to offer. Under his guidance, I have attained the rank of Sandan (third-degree black belt) and have become a disciple of Tien Shan Pai Kung‐Fu, and my abilities in all aspects of life have soared. As I think back to the child, I was before I came to TAMA, my training in the martial arts has transformed me into a confident and determined individual.

I began teaching at TAMA in 2008 as a Karate Instructor, and Grandmaster Taningco has been there to guide me and refine not only my athletic abilities but also my communication and teaching skills.  The knowledge and techniques he has taught me are transferable to all walks of life, and I have utilized these skills not only at TAMA but throughout my undergraduate studies at Wright State University. I graduated from Wright State University in 2013 with a Dual Degree in Business Management and Human Resources and combining this knowledge with the martial arts is what makes TAMA a great place to learn. The compassion and knowledge of the instructors coupled with the desire of the students have fostered an environment of not only excellence, but also personal growth that allows every individual to succeed in the martial arts, and in life.

I can’t envision my life without the martial arts, and know that I would not be the leader I am today had I never walked into TAMA’s doors. I attribute everything I have accomplished in my martial arts career to Grandmaster Taningco.”

Wesley Calton

TAMA Karate Instructor

TAMA 3rd Dan Black Belt


My name is Neal Rowe; I am the owner and operator of Sacan Llc., and Ring Sports United Llc. I’ve known Manuel Taningco (TAMA International ) for most of my adult life, started out as most teacher/ student relationships do, over the years he has become a mentor and friend. Through this time over the years, I’ve learned it’s not just his passion for the martial arts that draws people to him, from all walks of life, it’s his passion for life and all that it has to offer, it also makes him loyal to a fault.

Manuel Taningco believed in me, when many others didn’t, almost close to 20 years ago. Along with Steve Warner (TAMA Instructor), we opened a school of martial arts for learning in West Chester, Ohio.

Through Manuel Taningco’s teachings and guidance, I have competed, coached and developed trainers at a world class level, and learned the purpose of my design and why I was created

Grandmaster Manuel Taningco knows how to bring the ” Champion from within” out not just in martial arts but in life.

Neal Rowe

Sacan Family Martial Arts Center

TAMA Master License Instructor

West Chester

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