Karate Classes for Kids

Karate Classes For Kids

Children are like sponges, they can learn many things very fast and can adapt to many things quickly especially when they are having fun learning what they are doing. Karate Classes for Kids were designed by Grandmaster Taningco in the Dayton area who arrived here in 1976. He first taught professionally for and hired by New Mexico State University to teach Kids karate classes at a local Boy’s Club in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There GM Taningco learned many things about teaching children that vary in age from 6 to 15. He had many challenging moments how to handle the children that of mixed ages and mix culture group that was together in one class of over 30 kids. There were four cultures into that one group. The Blacks, the Mexicans, the Whites, and the Asians. Grandmaster Taningco learned quickly on how to deal with such different challenging behavior of different kids and their behavioral backgrounds.

He attended NMSU with a full scholarship in Fine Arts as his major in college. There he observed how each teacher teaches their curriculum even as far back as in his high school days. His mother was also a school teacher, and with this bloodline of genes – about education, GM Taningco had put a lot of thought about the methodology of teaching.

With some experience in teaching his karate classes for kids, after arriving here in Dayton, he started teaching at a local boy’s club located on Keowee Street, and then he realized that developing a written curriculum was critical for the students to follow a blueprint of their karate classes. He visited all the martial arts schools in the greater Dayton area and found no children classes just for them alone. No martial arts or karate schools was teaching any kids class. All the karate classes were all mixed with adults. In fact, there were no under the age of 6 group classes back then. He realized that there was a niche in this needed group of kids karate classes.

He pioneered both the “Mighty Mites” Karate classes for kids ages 4 to 6. He proceeded to create the second program for the older kids ages 7 to 12, called “SuperKidz: Karate classes. Within that curriculum, GM Taningco created an easy way to teach practical self-defense techniques, sparring techniques and leadership management skill development for creating leadership to these kids as young as 8 years of age.

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