Grandmaster Taningco

Little brothers cannot be chosen, and when Manning was born, I could not have chosen better. He is everything a brother should be and more. Being seven years older than he is, I felt he needed something to back him up during those times when I am not around to fight the bullies away. So why not Martial Arts? I grew up practicing it. Little did I know that I have helped pave the way to giving the world one of the greatest fighters, and martial artist I know. I had no doubt n my mind that he would make it to the top.

He has the driving force that people born to lead have. He has clarity of mind which brings him one step ahead at most times, but most of all, he knows how to transmit his ideas from the abstract to the concrete. His students know this either by experience of by feeling. Those who choose to accept it will learn more than money can buy. Those who are afraid to accept it find themselves losing a treasure.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to recognize a winner and a teacher of winners, you have saved yourself time ‐ a commodity that has no price.

For you Manuel, and the Martial Arts, Mabuhay!

Alex R. Taningco

Manuel’s First Martial Arts Instructor in both the Family Kali and Shotokan Karate


Manuel Taningco is an experienced, skilled, proficient and decorated Martial Artist. Grandmaster Manuel Taningco has not only facilitated physical skill development but also helped his students develop mental clarity and control. I as well as all of Master Taningco students will be eternally grateful for his ability to illuminate the path to Martial Arts physical and mental development.

Master Taningco has advanced skill levels in multiple styles of Martial Arts spending much of his life honing and sharpening multiple styles of Martial Arts. This allows a unique perspective that is respectful of these Martial Arts and those who have come before. Master Taningco has been able to honor all Martial Arts with this viewpoint and see each as a different path to the same point, personal development, and achievement.

He has authored previous Martial Arts material and is a skilled writer. He wrote and published “Wings of Thoughts.”  He has authored and co-authored many Martial Arts requirement booklets and many other types of Martial Arts educational material including the production of “Sticks of Fury” video highlighting Philippine styles of the fighting arts.

He has always advocated for kids allowing them to develop physical skills while at the same time develop confidence, discipline, and respect. There are many lives that Master Taningco has positively influenced. His Martial Arts children have grown strong and confident under his stewardship allowing them to be the best they can be in whatever endeavors they chose to embark on.

Grandmaster Taningco has supported and encouraged the importance of the family. He has emphasized the importance of honoring, respecting and holding dear members of their family. This includes each student’s family members and his large Martial Arts family.

As a young Martial Artist Master Taningco helped guide the direction of my Martial Arts skill acquisition enhanced by the importance of the path is our own journey and is more enlightening than the destination. He helped me overcome and manage my physical challenges. Master Taningco has not questioned my resolve to be the best Martial Artist I can be when my body was no longer able to perform the physical tasks that use to be second nature.

Master Taningco’s imagination is an asset as he promotes the benefits and strength of Martial Arts. He is always thinking about how he can improve and change his teachings to fit each student’s goals. He has dedicated his life to helping his community and students to improve their lives. He has been involved in projects to assist communities in developing educational programs and providing Martial Arts training.

I remember the Russian International competition when I assisted him with a demonstration. I also remember a seminar in Estonia when I first fell in love with the Kali Willow system style. Most of all I will remember the profound affect he has had on my life.

Dr. Stacy Dale Russell


“I first met Manny in Alamogordo, New Mexico in the early 1970’s. He entered my class I was teaching and wanted to know more about what we were doing. After the first two days of instruction, I could plainly see that he was going to go far with the teachings that I and others would instruct. His thirst for more and more knowledge of any and all systems was unquenchable and ever‐driving. He took to the lessons like drinking water, and his fluidity of motion was as a breath of air. Throughout the many years I have known him, he has always sought that which was new and, more important, practical. While my path took me to Thailand and Vietnam, he continued learning more and more and began a successful enterprise in his community where he still instructs. He has many achievements to his credit, but what is most important to me is his spirit. THAT is what makes him the great person that he is. Thank you, Manny, for keeping me looking upward and thank you for being part of my life”.

Timothy Gasper

Grandmaster Shaolin Quan Xue Federation

Shaolin Ssu Kempo Jujitsu


Manuel Taningco, he is a master of Philippine Martial Art, Chinese Kempo, and traditional Jujitsu. At that time he held the 4th-degree black belt in 1977, and still he wanted to further his knowledge in Chinese Martial Arts and came to study with me. I like his honesty and desire to improve himself. I had chosen him to be my disciple. He is a good instructor and has a broad knowledge of the Martial Arts. Most of all you should feel proud to study under him and follow his example.

Chien Liang Huang

Chairman‐The World Kuoshu Federation (TWKSF)

President‐United States Kuoshu Federation (USKSF)

64th Generation Heir of Tien Sun Pai Wushu Kung Fu


I started my training in Karate with Chuck Norris in 1969. We became friends, workout partners and business partners. But above all else, Chuck Norris was my instructor and mentor in the Martial Arts. In

1981 I accepted a position in our organization as the National Director, reporting directly to Mr. Norris. Besides overseeing the training in all our schools across the country, I took an active participation in the planning of our yearly United Fighting Arts Federation conventions. The training Mr. Norris wanted for UFAF, at these conventions, was that which served to be practical and applicable in real life situations.

As a Vietnam Combat Veteran, a formal Police Officer and presently serving his community as a Private Detective, Danny Lane, a 7th degree Black Belt in our organization, is highly skilled in combat techniques that are to be used in ‘real’ situations. One day he called and told me he had been working with Manuel Taningco who he thought should be a guest instructor at one our conventions. I saw a photo of Manuel posed with two Kali sticks and thought, no way. This just wouldn’t fit into our system, after all, we can’t go around carrying these sticks.Well, I had a teacher one time who said, “I’m so out of touch I don’t even know what I don’t know.” Those words popped back into my head after my first meeting with ‘Manny’. The sticks were fine, but you could do the same moves with an antenna broken off a car, a broomstick, a leg of a wooden chair or simply a branch of a tree. I learned from Manny that it was ‘how’ you used your weapon, not ‘what’ the weapon was, and that made all the difference in the world. Extending that training with the use of knives, swords, chains or even empty hands and you have the most effective and practical approach to self‐defense in most any life threatening confrontation.  Chuck Norris was impressed with, not only the content of the lessons, but with the ease in which the lessons transferred into the fighting arsenal of our Black Belts.

Mr. Norris was so impressed that he presented Manuel Taningco with a letter making Manuel the official Weapons Instructor for the United Fighting Arts Federation. Mr. Taningco taught in the UFAF conventions following that first one in 1982, then on 83, 84 and has availed himself to any UFAF school requesting further training.

I was honored to have Mr. Taningco as my personal guest in July at Chuck Norris’ 2013 International Training Convention in Las Vegas. And it goes without saying, from Chuck Norris down to the last kid in the last row, we all hold Master Manuel Taningco in the highest esteem and with the greatest respect.

“Duke” Tirschel

Past National Director and Special Advisor to Chuck Norris and UFAF


I have had the pleasure and honor to be a good friend of Manuel Taningco for a long time. I have first-hand knowledge of his skill and experience level in the martial art, and it is of the highest caliber.

I am proud to recommend Mr. Taningco has the rare and unique ability to physically perform at an expert level and also possesses the teaching skills to share these complex ideas and movements to students of various skill levels. More importantly, he has the ability to create in each student the confidence to absorb, maintain and apply these often challenging principals and techniques with a positive attitude that are easily carried over into their personal lives. This newly acquired confidence can take a student to move forward toward their fulfilling their goals and dreams.

Mike Stone

Undefeated Karate World Champion


It is a proverbial opportunity to form a spiritual connection with a man who, throughout the years, acquired precious teachings in the field of Discipline. The gift of his experience is manifested in the enriching life that he lives as an artist, a family man, a teacher and a friend. Manuel Taningco is a man of exceptional authority and whose talent was driven by the forces of the bloodline of his great grandfathers. The spiritual guidance he receives embodies every inch of his thought, and this touches every person who wants to succeed in life. With his determination to pursue his desire to help the unfortunate, he aims that the wisdom offered by the Wings of Thought will someday be a treasured asset that will enhance the modest skill and will eventually propel one’s willpower. This powerful book, the Wings of Thought, presents a real solution to one’s life. Manuel Taningco, a real MASTER with a complete comparative analysis of every Martial Arts discipline in his own time, suggests a line of perfection that every reader of this book becomes an evolutionist of the ancient medieval discipline. As readers, we are invited to become the true revivalist of the cultural discipline for the modern times of the living past to make life more eternal for the living.

Those who hold the Wings of Thought will be completely transformed and will be brought to a new beginning as the words that lie within are written with the powers of truth and wisdom. Let a true master and authority, Manuel Taningco, speak to you and open the avenues of your mind toward the wonders of discipline today and the next years to come.

Leopoldo T. Gaje Jr.

Pekiti‐Tirsia Kali System

Grand tuhon Supremo: Pekiti‐Tirsia Global Grand Alliance Council of Cultural Affairs, Inc. Ph.D. & Lt. Colonel: Philippine Army ‐Armed Forces of the Philippines.

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